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Potato Lake Association

We have an active Lake Association and are proud of the work we have done and continue to do.


The Potato Lake Association was formed on 6/17/1995

Water Skiing/Jet Skiing/Tubing

Ordinance # 6 & or 7 Town of Rusk Ordinance adopted in 1965 for Potato Lake Big

& Small 9:00 AM-5:00 PM Seven (7) Days a week.

The reason: This keeps the lake relatively quiet for peak fishing times Dawn/sunrise

and Dusk/sunset

Potato Lake Association Elected Officers:

      Jim Sterchy……………………..President

      Jim Olson……………………….Vice President

      Eric Anderson…………………Treasurer

      Ann Zimmerman………………Secretary

Annual Membership Dues $10.00 Eric Anderson

Newsletter Publications/Mailings Ann Zimmerman

Membership Directory Stephanie Masterjohn

Advertising & Website Design Eric Anderson

For more information regarding the Potato Lake Association: Contact Jim Sterchy at

TJ’s Timberline Resort. (715) 353-2238

Spring Meeting-is held the first Saturday AFTER Memorial Day.

This is also the annual potluck, you can bring a dish to pass to add to the other great dishes.

Desserts are a food group. ;-)

Fall Meeting-is held on Saturday the week BEFORE Labor Day weekend.



If you know of a new property owner on Potato Lake, contact Ann Zimmerman for a

complimentary “New Potato Lake Property Owner Informational Packet.”


The Potato Lake Association has a canopy for rent, it is 12’ X 26’, Industrial Grade

Canopy with 2” white powder coated steel frame and heavyweight polyethylene roof

cover. Rental fee is $30.00 for members & $40.00 for non-members. See Jim

Sterchy at TJ’s Timberline Resort for more details.

Accomplishments we made over the years to maintain, preserve, restore and improve the

quality of life for all that use the lake, including wildlife and vegetation as well as for us and

our children and grandchildren.   Some of the accomplishments include: Developing the fish

management plan/stocking/cribs and monitoring-the musky creel charting, monitoring the

spearing efforts, testing and monitoring the water quality/oxygen levels, wildlife

preservation-loons, eagles and swallows nesting and habitat, monitoring the good vegetation

versus any invasive aquatic species, purchasing buoys, 2 way radio and defibrillators,

sending members to CPR & First Aid Courses, we were also instrumental in obtaining the

“no fishing from bridge” and 30-35 mph signs, ATV signs, maintaining our shorelines,

(natural buffer), and maintaining the posting at the boat landings.   Donations to the Local

First Responders.  Saving Brush island from erosion by rip rapping.